AHCC Statement on Cst. Dan Woodall 


The Alberta Hate Crimes Committee would like to extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Cst. Daniel Woodall and all members of the Edmonton Police Service. Cst. Woodall was a loving husband, father and friend as well as a hard working and dedicated member of the EPS Hate Crime/Extremism Unit and member of the Alberta Hate Crimes Committee. Cst. Woodall is survived by his wife and two young children. Our thoughts and prayers are also with Sgt. Jason Harley, who was injured during this tragic incident, and all officers involved.



This incident serves as a tragic reminder of the damage and danger that hate crime causes in our communities. The suspect was known to police and the committee for hate motivated harassment with a hate crime file dating back to February 2014. Cst. Woodall was an invested and dedicated member of our committee and his contributions on the front line were invaluable to the work we do. The AHCC is committed to honouring the sacrifice of Cst. Woodall and enshrining his legacy in the work that we do.   



The Alberta Hate Crimes Committee is made up of volunteers from a variety of government, policing and community sectors who have dedicated their time and expertise to research and education on hate crimes in Alberta.


By bringing together police, community and justice, relationships will be built that will allow increased understanding of the issues and their impact upon and across the three sectors and create a commitment to work together and create a hate free Alberta.


Alberta Hate Crimes Committee initiatives are made possible by the support of:

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